Why You Need to Make Your Voice Heard This November

November 17, 2022

Why You Need to Make Your Voice Heard This November

this summer has been tumultuous, to say the least. not only has the U.S. supreme court reversed a landmark decision securing people the constitutional right to an abortion, but the conservative majority has also hinted at peeling back other human rights like gay marriage.

to say we’re living in scary times is an understatement. what’s keeping me grounded is a commitment to joy and also creating a plan for how i can support folks to receive the reproductive healthcare that they deserve. no one has the right to make decisions about another person’s body. in fact, states have a long history of enslavement and racial apartheid, proving (despite the supreme court’s rhetoric) that they just can’t get it right.

now is the time to stand in the gap and continue to fight like hell. please make a commitment to support bodily autonomy and reproductive justice in whatever way your time, finances, and emotional labor allows. check out these dynamic organizations below to get started and ensure you’re registered to vote this fall in your state’s mid-term elections.

Reproductive Justice Organizations to Support

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