What’s changed, what hasn’t in the 3 years since George Floyd’s death?

June 20, 2023

In a thought-provoking news article, Tashira Halyard and Margo Lindaur, two former lawyers turned best friends and co-hosts of the "justUS Podcast," lend their perspectives and insights on the upcoming third anniversary of George Floyd's tragic death. The article highlights their recent appearance on "The Final 5" with host Jim, where they share their reactions to this significant milestone.

As the nation remembers the life and legacy of George Floyd, whose death sparked a global movement against racial injustice and police brutality, Tashira and Margo contribute their unique perspectives to the conversation. Drawing from their legal backgrounds and personal experiences, they offer a nuanced analysis of the impact of Floyd's death and the subsequent social and political changes that have occurred.

Through their engaging discussion on "The Final 5," Tashira and Margo explore the progress made since Floyd's death, critically examining the advancements in police reform, racial equity, and systemic change. They also address the ongoing challenges and areas that still require attention to achieve true justice and equality.

With their dynamic rapport and well-informed viewpoints, Tashira and Margo provide valuable insights into the broader societal implications of Floyd's death and the ensuing movement. Their appearance on "The Final 5" offers a platform for meaningful dialogue, shedding light on the ongoing fight for racial justice and the importance of sustained activism.

Join Tashira Halyard and Margo Lindaur as they contribute to the vital discussion surrounding George Floyd's legacy and the continuing quest for racial equality. This news article captures their powerful reflections, ensuring that the conversation initiated by Floyd's tragic death continues to inspire change and promote a more just society.

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