The M Dash features Tashira Halyard and Margo Lindauer

October 2, 2023

The hosts of the justUs podcast on the importance of showing up as your authentic self.

Whether or not you subscribe to the notion of bringing your “whole self” to work, I think we can all agree that the rise of working women embracing their multifaceted identities is something to be celebrated. While far too many organizations remain shamefully inequitable—especially for women of color—it’s increasingly true that you can have a career, be a mother, explore a hobby, experiment with your hair and makeup—and you can count on there being plenty of other women out there who want to discuss these experiences, too.

Last week, as one of the stops along the M.M.LaFleur Roadshow, we hosted Tashira Halyard and Margo Lindauer at our D.C. showroom for a live recording of their podcast, justUs. As close friends, content creators, and former attorneys, Tashira (@politicsandfshn) and Margo (@margo.lindauer) are multi-hyphenates whom we admire for many reasons, including their no-bullshit banter and ability to tackle complex topics with equal parts intellect and humor. We wish our entire community could have attended their event, so we’re sharing highlights from their conversation.

Read the full article, Tashira and Margo open up about being more than their résumés, how they view getting dressed as an act of resistance, and more.

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