Episode Description

In this episode about the Soft Life, Margo and Tashira discuss the complexities of creating a self-care community for Black women online. Does living the Soft Life require lots of disposable income? Is it exclusionary based upon socioeconomic status? How is white privilege inherently synonomous with living the Soft Life?

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Articles Mentioned:

The #SoftLife Isn't As Easy As It Looks Online: What does it mean when Black women celebrate a life of leisure? by Andscape

Organizations Supporting Girls and Gender-Expansive Youth:

  1. National Crittenton Foundation
  2. National Women's Law Center
  3. Black Swan Academy
  4. Gwen's Girls
  5. Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center
  6. Pace Center for Girls
  7. Hugh Lane Wellness Foundation (LGBTQ+ Youth - Pittsburgh, PA)
  8. SMYAL (LGBTQ+ Youth - Washington, DC)