Episode Description

Margo & Tashira discuss "ghosting" as it shows up in professional, personal, and romantic relationships. Have you ever ghosted someone? Have you ever been ghosted? Why do we sometimes ghost people rather than have difficult conversations? Or are some relationships simply doomed to end this way? And if we are ghosted, how do we go about processing the end of a relationship without the closure we may desire?If our conversation resonated with you, then consider continuing the conversation in our NEW private community! Join the justUS League here, https://justus-podcast.mn.co/share/M7... Get your justUS swag here: https://www.justuspodcast.com/#in-fee...Shop our Osea faves: https://oseamalibu.com/collections/be... and use code JUSTUS10 to save 10%Get convenient and affordable therapy with Betterhelp: https://betterhelp.com/justuspodcastFollow Us on Instagram:@justus_pod@margo.lindauer@politicsandfshn