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From Side Hustle to a Successful Business: Should You Monetize Your Passion? Special Guest Chef Jaye

Should You Monetize Your Passion? Is it a good idea to go into business with your best friend? What are the pros and cons? Margo & Tashira dig into this topic together, and invite friend of the show, Chef Jaye from Sofull Catering to discuss her journey from side-hustle to thriving, small business: Sofull Catering. When is it safe to quit a full time career in order to pursue your passion? What kind of support do you really need in order to be successful, and what does success even look like in today's economy?

Episode Description

From Side Hustle to a Successful Business: Should You Monetize Your Passion?

featuring Special Guest Chef Jaye

In this episode, hosts Tashira and Margo delve into the journey from a casual conversation series to a full-fledged podcast business, exploring the challenges and joys of turning a passion project into a profession. Joined by special guest Chef Jaye, they navigate the nuances of monetizing one's passion in the digital age. The hosts discuss the importance of setting boundaries, both online and offline, to preserve personal space and prevent burnout. They emphasize the need to differentiate between business and personal life, despite the interconnectedness in the digital age.


  • MM LaFleur: The podcast is sponsored by MM LaFleur, showcasing their spring collection and offering a giveaway for listeners/viewers.
  • Chef Jalisa Arnold: Special guest Chef Jaye, known for her culinary expertise, shares insights on monetizing passion and maintaining work-life balance.

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