Episode Description

Join Tashira and Margo in a heartwarming one-on-one conversation in this episode, exploring the profound question: How Does Love Change As We Age? 🌟 Delve into Margo's insightful journey through the landscapes of love at a big age, as she shares candid reflections and personal anecdotes. From navigating societal expectations to embracing individual growth within relationships, this episode offers a refreshing perspective on love's evolution over time. Tune in for an uplifting dialogue that celebrates the beauty of love at every stage of life! And don't forget to grab your copy of our new e-journal, "Defining Love at a Big Age," for even more enriching insights. Plus, be sure to sign up for our newsletter and join the vibrant community of the justUS League. Let's explore the transformative power of love together! 💖🎙️