Episode Description

Unpacking Workaholism, Stress, and Anxiety: A Solo-preneur's Dilemma

In this episode, hosts Tara and Margo delve into the complex relationship between workaholism, stress, and anxiety, particularly in the context of being solo-preneurs. The conversation begins with Tara reflecting on their ongoing discussions about maintaining a healthy balance amidst the demands of their work. She poses a thought-provoking question to Margo: "Do you think we're just addicted to being anxious?" This question serves as the catalyst for a deep dive into the pervasive culture of stress and overwork.

Margo shares her perspective, likening her automatic inclination to work to being on autopilot, where work has become her default setting. This habitual behavior, she suggests, is symptomatic of an addiction to stress and a lack of power and control. Both hosts acknowledge the influence of societal norms and expectations, particularly within a hustle culture that glorifies overworking and equates success with constant productivity.

They discuss their experiences in previous workplaces, where the pressure to perform and the blurring of professional boundaries contributed to a cycle of overwork. Margo reflects on her time as an attorney, where the expectation to juggle multiple roles and responsibilities led to burnout. They highlight the disparity between the societal perception of success and the toll it takes on individuals' well-being.

The conversation shifts to their current experiences as solo-preneurs navigating career transitions. Margo candidly shares her struggles with letting go of the ingrained belief that productivity equals success, even in this new phase of her career. They explore the fear of failure and the pressure to constantly hustle, even when it's detrimental to their health.

Drawing from personal anecdotes and societal observations, Tara and Margo challenge the notion that success must come at the expense of well-being. They advocate for a shift towards a more sustainable approach to work, one that prioritizes self-care and recognizes the value of rest.

The hosts emphasize the importance of giving oneself permission to quit or pivot, even if it means revisiting the same challenges multiple times. They acknowledge the journey towards unlearning ingrained behaviors and redefining success on their own terms.

The episode concludes with a candid discussion about the physical manifestations of stress and the urgent need for self-care. Margo vulnerably shares her recent health scare, attributing it to the chronic stress she has subjected herself to. Both hosts underscore the importance of listening to one's body and prioritizing wellness above all else.

In unpacking the complexities of workaholism, stress, and anxiety, Tara and Margo invite listeners to reflect on their own relationship with work and consider alternative paradigms of success. Their honest and introspective dialogue offers a refreshing perspective on the challenges faced by solo-preneurs and the importance of prioritizing self-care in an increasingly demanding world.

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